Why would a chiropractor claim to be Board Certified when they aren’t?

This question has come up several times in the last week as I sit in from top new patients at Life Enhancing Chiropractic.  Really, the question should be, why wouldn’t a chiropractor claim credentials they haven’t earned?  #1  Because its illegal.  The Colorado State Board strictly forbids it.  #2  Because its misrepresentation, that is also illegal in Colorado, and likely in all states.  Victims of misrepresentation can ask for refunds.

But honestly I can’t say why a professional would claim credentials they don’t possess.  And then when challenged on the matter, would criticize the very Board they claimed to be credentialed by.  NUCCA certification was actually one of the most rigorous processes I ever completed.  It took me four years of constant work, taking each x-ray as if Dr. D was going to read it.  Retaking every film that had even the slightest imperfections.  Then using that accurate information to determine a precise angle at which to perform the hand adjustment, which is the NUCCA protocol.  Prior to my certification it had new er been obtained in less than 17 years by any other doctors.  My determination and refusal to compromise brought me to this level in only 4 years.  This determination has caused me to achieve a reputation as the best chiropractor in Colorado Springs!

So if anyone tells you they have credentials, just go to nucca.org and look at the list of Board Certified NUCCA doctors.  Of the 22 on the list, one of those you’ll find will be Dr. Michelle Nowakowski at Life Enhancing Chiropractic!  I’d love to meet you and help you if I can.  If I can’t I’ll help you find the right doctor for your particular case.

And just in case you weren’t aware, my mission is “Spinal alignment with as few adjustments as possible.”

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