Why I’m a chiropractor.

I was terrified my pain was never going to go away!

I was 36 years old, mother of 2 pre-schoolers, and I was in disabling pain.

My children were awesome, it was so great to be home with them, watching them grow and become little people. I wanted so much to be an active involved mom.

But pain kept me on the sidelines. I could barely lift my children, much less get on the floor and play with them. I had become soooo desperate. I had even taken the horrifying step of undergoing back surgery to get out of this pain and limitation. I had been given hope, but ultimately the back surgery failed.

One year later, I was in more pain than ever before. The surgeon suggested we “go back in” and cut out the scar tissue that had formed. I wanted no part of that scenario! What if I didn’t survive? Who would take care of my kids?

For the past 15 years I’d already tried innumerable drugs, chiropractors, acupuncturists, PT, massage therapy, you name it, and I had tried it. The surgeon didn’t even make any guarantees, but I truly felt I had no choice. So I did the back surgery. At first I felt great, but soon after, scar tissue formed, my pain intensified 10 fold! I became so afraid I was NEVER going to get well. NEVER get to play with my kids, NEVER get to be fit and strong and active. My quality of life became miniscule, about the size of a quarter and rapidly diminishing.

Now that my “last” option of back surgery had FAILED, I was starting to think I had to learn to “live with the pain”. Learn to live on the sidelines. Learn not to be in the center of my children’s lives. Learn not to be who I truly knew I could be. It was beyond depression.

Then a friend told me about her NUCCA Chiropractor. Out of desperation I went, since she said he wasn’t going to pop or crack my neck or hips. I didn’t understand the procedure nor why he needed precision x-rays, to do the procedure. But he was gentle and I felt comfortable. He made me promise to to return in 3 days and let him know how I felt. I was positive I wasn’t going to feel any different, since I didn’t think he’d done anything. I was wrong! Within 3 days my pain was down 50%, and within a month I was pain free.

My problem was a misalignment of the C-1 Vertebrae,also known as the Atlas Vertebrae. This condition is refered to Atlas Subluxation Complex Syndrome (ASC) or the ASC Syndrome. Not one of the professionals that I had seen over the last 15 years had any idea about my condition.

NO MORE SCIATICA! I had my life back. I could run, jump, play, go to the gym, bounce out of bed in the morning! It was amazing. So amazing in fact, I enrolled in Palmer College of Chiropractic in Iowa.

My husband and I moved our family from our dream home in sunny Las Vegas to Iowa, the home of icy cold, long winters. Where at 37 years old I was going to take on a new profession. I made a commitment to learn how to help other people with back pain that no one else could fix.

While I was there I learned the specialty technique that changed my life. I was mentored by amazing people who helped me become the best NUCCA doctor I could possibly be. Upon graduation we returned to Las Vegas. Within 4 years of seeing patients I earned my credentials as a Board Certified NUCCA Chiropractor, a distinction held by only 30 doctors in the world. In fact, in the vast miles between Salt Lake City and Des Moines, I’m the ONLY one.

Perhaps you’re afraid you have to live with your pain, your limitations, your medications. Perhaps you don’t like how you feel and how little you can function. Maybe your doctor tells you just have to learn to “live with it.” That was not my truth and it may very well not have to be your truth . I’ve been out of pain for over 18 years. Being out of pain has given me my life back let’s see if we can get your life back.

If you would like the chance to be pain free give me a call my personal cell phone number is 719-290-1441. We can meet at my office for an exam and consultation. I will listen to your story and tell you if I think I can help. Be sure to ask me about specials or promotions during my grand opening season.

Let’s get your life back!


Michelle “Shelly” Nowakowski, DC

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