What’s a Spinemaster?

The Spinemaster is a precision postural analysis machine. It measures your posture in 4 different ways.

1. Weight difference from one side of the body to the other with dynamic scales.2. Hip level, is the hip dropped down on one side? 3. Hip rotation, when the body is imbalanced and the hip is dropped down on one side, often the body will rotate the hip to keep your head up over the top of your spine. 4. Vertical lean. Has the short leg, and dropped hip caused you to lean off the vertical to the right or left.

By using this device, I can determine if your body is out of balance. I can determine if you’ve lost your alignment and re-adjust you. I can also tell if I’m done adjusting. Sometimes the legs become level right after I begin making the atlas adjustment. However, I’m not always done. The machine helps me know if I’ve finished the adjustment.

Even if a person is 20-40 or more pounds heavier on one side than the other, usually the final Spinemaster check shows their weight coming back into balance.

I also use this machine when out at screening events where I meet more people who need to experience the wonder of NUCCA Chiropractic Adjustments. So if you see me out there, please stop by and let me check you out on Spinemaster.

This machine is used by many upper cervical chiropractors, as is another similar machine called the Anatometer. Both are extremely helpful in producing last corrections.

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