NUCCA Chiropractic Care for Body Balance at a Chiropractor near you!

NUCCA is the technique of the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association. Dr. Michelle Nowakowski has been associate with them since she started Chiropractic School in 1998. She is listed on the NUCCA website as one of the 25 fully Board Certified NUCCA doctors. NUCCA chiropractic works to improve your body’s balance, from your head to your hips, by using the least amount of force, and as few adjustments as possible to address your body imbalance.

The goal is to put your body into a balanced posture, and support it while it learns to maintain that posture.

Adjusting  one of the most powerful areas of the spine, the upper cervical spine–where your head meets your spinal column. This area of the body is very unique, as it is one of the most movable and dynamic joints of the body. There are 10,000 possible combinations of angles that can be achieved by this important junction. Each person deserves to be aligned and have no interference in the part of your brain/spinal cord that controls the function of their entire body.

Misalignment of the spine at the top bone will affect your body’s ability to be balanced and function optimally.  This is the Atlas Subluxation Complex.  Why not enjoy great health after seeing the best chiropractor in Colorado Springs?

A trained eye can see the resulting imbalance and muscle tension.  Soon you will also recognize it in your family and friends.  Even if you’re just doing a little people watching, its apparent that some bodies are out of balance.  

When the head is off-center, the rest of the body responds by:

•    Unequal tension on the spinal muscles from the base of the skull all the way to the ankles.  These muscle spasms will manifest as fixations, which many Chiropractors will adjust individually
•    The contractions in the affected leg and hip will make it appear as if one leg is shorter than the other
•    One side of your body will be doing more of the work, and if measured on scales will be carrying more weight, leading to additional tension in the body.
•    Ultimately the body’s ability receive information from the brain and nervous system is limited, exaggerated or misinterpreted.  This can negatively affect our organs, and systems that keep our body healthy.  Since our spinal column holds the wiring that our entire body needs to work together, alignment of this is vital to good health.

Body balance is possible, even if its been years since you were originally injured or became misaligned. Careful corrections to restore head and neck alignment allows the body to stop the degenerative processes and return the body toward optimal health.

What can your body do once it’s in balance?

With as few adjustments as possible, the body that is in balance is able to heal itself.  Rather than continually readjusting and second guessing the progress, we only adjust when a person has lost their alignment.  The longer the body is in the healing process, the more patients see these benefits

•    Pain relief
•    Joints without stress and inflammation
•    More flexibility in the hips, spine and body
•    Better communication between the nervous system and the body systems.