Dr. Shelly is not only extremely skilled and competent, but she is unique in my experiences with upper cervical chiros, in that she listens to her patients, and explains what she is doing and why, especially if she knows someone, like me, is interested in what is going on with my spine, in detail. She shows me my x-rays, explains them, explains her adjustments, and we agree on when I need new x-rays in order to get the right adjustment for me. She truly cares about her patients, and has gone above and beyond in treating me, even on weekends or days off, at times, when I was in dire need! I've been to several chiros since my injury, but I now drive several hours each way to see her, as she is the best in Colorado!

Linda M.

I have been using NUCCA upper cervical chiropractic for close to 20 years. After several significant head/neck injuries, I found that this type of chiropractic was the only one that brought me any lasting relief. I have gone to multiple NUCCA chiropractors in several different states, and so I can say with confidence and experience that Dr. Nowakowski does a great job. NUCCA may not fit all chiropractic needs, but for those of us with spinal issues there is nothing better!
Thanks Dr. Shelly for all your hard work, and for serving the folks of Colorado Springs.

Joshua F.

Dr Shelly is kind and compassionate. She has really helped with my upper cervical issues. I am extremely tight in my neck and upper back and Dr Shelly’s treatments have been very beneficial. My blood pressure has come down quite a bit using NUCCA treatments.

Laurie P.

I can't say enough about what Dr. Shelly and her expertise in NUCCA did for me. After weeks of pain and multiple doctors we were referred to Dr. Shelly. She not only was able to help me but was able to show me what exactly was going on. My husband and I are beyond grateful for what Dr. Shelly has done for our family.

Kim V.

I have had NUCCA adjustments for many years. They have helped me a lot but it wasn't until I started getting adjusted from Dr. Michelle that I held my alignment for very long. I am starting on month 4 that I haven't needed an adjustment. I have suffered from back issues for years but not any longer!!
I would highly recommend Dr. Michelle!!

Connie S.

Dr. Shelly is truly amazing!! Only two visits and i feel so much better. My neurologist had me on ten diff meds for cervical dystonia and spondylolisthesis...they were completely trying to over medicate me and suck my insurance dry... not once actually trying to help me for over 2 months, I have been a week with absolutely no medications and symptoms have improved so much. She is and has been a life saver. I'm so lucky to have found her!!!!! She is a G-d send.

Alyssa B.

Dr Shelly Nowakowski is a true gem to have here in Colorado Springs! It isn't easy to find a NUCCA board certified chiropractor, she's the only one in the state! I have never been able to hold my adjustment and after only ONE gentle (no cracking!) adjustment I continue to hold (it's been OVER two months! She genuinely cares for you as a person and truly enhances your life! All my children also see Dr Shelly!

Julie D.

I’ve been to multiple NUCCA chiropractors over the years and no one compares to the results I’ve received with Dr. Nowakowski. For years, I struggled with many things (i.e. jaw pain, migraines, ADD, neck and back pain, sciatica, plantar fasciitis) and only Dr. Nowakoski’s adjustments have given me relief in all those areas. I drive an hour and half to see her and honestly I would drive further if I had to. I highly recommend her care to anyone who has any health issues that aren’t resolving on their own. Thank you Dr Nowakowski, you have changed my life.

Madison V.

Dr. Shelly is the best. She's been treating my entire family and the results have been amazing. I would never go back to the snap, crackle, and pop chiropractor I was seeing before. Dr. Shelly is a true professional and amazingly gifted at what she does. I feel better than I've felt in years. I highly recommend her! She is not only skilled at what she does she truly cares about each person she treats.

Jay L.

I was experiencing some neck and low back pain and after a few treatments with Dr Shelly I was much better, to the point of being reduced to every other week and shortly after that to an as needed basis. She conducted a very thorough initial consult and I knew where I stood structurally and what was going to be done to correct my issues. Unlike some, Dr Shelly doesn't just keep you coming back to her for treatments if they are not needed. I would recommend Dr Shelly to anyone that is experiencing any sort of structural issues or pain.

Hazen T.
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