Dr. Nowakowski came to chiropractic after more than 17 years of sciatic pain. Many injuries from an active life and hard work, as well as numerous car accidents, eventually lead her to a neurosurgeon in 1996 for low back surgery.

One year later her symptoms returned with a vengence and she was referred to a specialty NUCCA chiropractor in Las Vegas. At first she felt skeptical since she’d been treated for this condition by many chiropractors, reflexologists and physical therapists in the past. However, within just a few days the relief was so unbelievable, she had to learn more about how a simple, painless adjustment at the top of her spine could affect her entire body, from the top of her head all the way down to her ankles. Within a year she and her young family moved to Davenport, Iowa the home of Palmer College of Chiropractic. Upon completing her graduate degree her family returned to Las Vegas where she and her sister opened their first chiropractic clinic.

Within 4 years of opening her practice, Dr. Michelle Nowakowski earner her credentials as a Board Certified NUCCA Chiropractor, a distinction held by less than 25 chiropractors in the world. The skill and precision of her adjustments has also allowed her to become known as the best Chiropractor in Colorado Springs.

It’s her sense of compassion for people in pain and her drive that makes her so excited to be now practicing in Colorado Springs. Her family moved here recently and they are making this their home. Her vision of a boutique style practice caring for one patient at a time, giving precise, gentle adjustments will allow her to help many patients who have been unable to receive relief for acute or chronic health challenges.