Do NUCCA doctors adjust with an instrument?

The simple answer is, no.  NUCCA is a hand adjustment developed by Doctor Ralph Gregory and explained in detail at  The various factors of correction require contact by the chiropractor’s hands in order to create reduction of all the misalignment factors.  NUCCA, which is an acronym for National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association certifies doctors who have submitted films that give evidence of atlas corrections.  They do not endorse the use of instruments for the adjustment since they are outside the official NUCCA protocol.

This instrument has been developed by another Upper Cervical Chiropractic technique known as Orthospinology.  Doctors trained and certified by the Society of Chiropractic Orthospinology are trained at seminars and can be certified when they meet the specific protocol of that technique.

Chiropractors who seek and attain board certification in their chosen technique have submitted to rigorous training and will naturally achieve greater results since they have been trained by experts in chiropractic.  Its always advisable to ascertain the degree of certification and training before embarking on a course of care with a practitioner.  Credentials should be verified with the national organization of the particular technique.  This allows you to make an educated decision, rather than one based on anecdotal or fear-based information.

Dr. Nowakowski is the only Board Certified NUCCA practitioner in Colorado.  Call to make an appointment for a free consultation with the best chiropractor in Colorado Springs.

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