Colorado Springs Bike Plan Meeting

Last evening, May 21, 2015 dozens of CS Citizens were on hand to help the Colorado Springs Bike Plan develop more vision and infrastructure changes to improve cycling in our community.  We would like to see CS become a Destination City for cyclists all over the US.  Maps were available for us to mark areas we personally know that need attention, whether it was a way to cross a busy street, or improvement needed to the trail surface or locating a spot where there’s a gap between existing trails.

Many thanks to the City of Colorado Springs and the work they are doing to make cycling, safer, funner and in some cases faster for those of us who use the trails to recreate, or to get to work each day.

For a link to the city page, regarding the ongoing projects affecting  us, click here.

If you would like to participate there are still two dates left of the meetings to improve our trail system.  It’s worth a couple hours of your time, and you get a chance to meet other cyclists!

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