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As an avid cyclist, Dr. Nowakowski realizes the value of body balance.  Whether your performance is hindered by physiological short leg or muscular imbalance in the pelvis the real trouble is the joint between the base of your skull and your first vertebrae.  This is due to the the fact that all the nerves that run our body and help us stay balanced and energetic start at this important junction.

Look for some of Dr. Nowakowski's cycling events here.  For a huge event, go to this page, I have a new best friend!  

The value of NUCCA Chiropractic to cyclists is explained in detail by Lennard Zinn's book Zinn's Cycling Primer, in the chapter starting on page 75 of his book.  He recommends the Upper Cervical Adjustment by a chiropractor who uses accurate and precise x-rays to determine the angular offset of C-1 vertebrae in three dimensions.  The resulting three-dimensional vector allows him/her to direct the force of the adjustment to the C-1 (atlas) that allows it to return to a level and untwisted position.  Dr. Nowakowski is Colorado's only Board Certified NUCCA doctor. 

In 2001 the International Chiropractic Review published a bike study in the January/February issue.  This study involved noncyclists and avid road riders.  The results of cycling was less pelvic rotation and more equal weight distribution on each foot.  So the pelvic alignment of cyclists was as a direct result of their riding.  

Another great book for those of us over 50 who want to continue to be active is Roy Mallack's Bike for Life.

Dr. Nowakowski is still the only Board Certified NUCCA chiropractor in Colorado.

In February 2018 Dr Nowakowski submitted for re-certification with theNUCCA Board.  Her work has been reviewed and she was re-certified.  This is very significant since others may claim to be certified, yet if patients or interested public contact NUCCA.org they will find only people who have submitted to the credentialling and passed the rigorous standards of NUCCA are listed as Board Certified NUCCA practitioners.  

Certainly a reason for all her patients to celebrate, since they can get a correction, not just an adjustment!

THIS ---->https://boardcertifiednuccacoloradocom.chiromatrixbase.com/cyclists.html

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I bike and hike and go to the gym...After my first adjustment I had so much energy. I did awesome on my bike ride! ...I have been to several chiropractors in the past...I have felt amazing with Dr. Nowakowski..

Melanie Hume
Colorado Springs, CO

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